You Have a Name

At the library get the City Directory,for the year of birth.
  • GENERAL STRATEGY: Start in the year of birth, locate likely people in the directory for that year then follow them forward from year to year, etc.. The archives of the local property tax department can also be heplful.
  • IF THEY MOVE OUT OF TOWN. Often someone who lived there at the time and still resides on the same street will remember something. Call them.
  • In the City Directory:

    • Look up the name.
    • Note the address.
    • Lookup the street. All the neighbors are listed.
    • Check the Local Tax Department or current phone directory to find someone who still lives there.
  • THE GRANDPARENT. If the last name is unusual. Look in the current phone book for an older person with the last name. Grandparents will know all the gossip, where every child is located along with current names and phone numbers.
  • DEAD PHONE CALLS. Like you call, and the person on the other end whispers, "let me go to the other phone" or "ring, ring, hello my name is "xxx", I am doing genealogical research trying to locate my daughter given up for adoption in 1967 and I believe the name to be ... chatter, chatter, keep talking, its like the phone has gone dead..." This means something.