Julie Carter

I am the director of a search and support group in Battle Creek Michigan. We work with birthparents and adoptee's. Over the past 10 years, we have compiled a registry of Michigan adoptee's and birthparents. The database has information from other support groups in Michigan, and entries from AOL, Prodigy, and the internet. At this point they have close to 5000 entries.

I am an adoptee, found birthmom 4 years ago, and she chooses not to have contact. I went on and found my siblings since I had four older than me that she kept. I have been director of Adoption Connections of Battle Creek for over 3 years now, I am a certified confidential intermediary for the state of Michigan, in fact had to do the training on search via computer <G> (just not the internet!) I do searches for 15 different counties in Michigan, and also help those who want to search on the outside.

I have done about 225 intermediary searches, and would say put at least 500 families together, if not more that I don't know about. (some people never get back in touch with us on the results.)

I have mutual release forms, and would have both parties sign them before a release was made.


Julie may be contacted at julesci@aol.com