Texas Adoptions

When the child is born a birth certificate is issued. In the case of adoptions the child is unnamed (usually) and the certificate is issued in the name of one of the parents, usually the mother, and may take the form of "Infant of [mothers last name]". The child is then turned over to the care of the State of Texas to be placed for adoption. Six months later (statutory waiting period) the placement agency completes the adoption by a document called the "Final Decree of Adoption" transferring the baby to the new parents permanently. They will have had the child in their home for the six months. A copy of this final decree is available at the Court House to the adoptee only. The child is given a permanent name and a new birth certificate is issued under the new name. The only resemblance to the original birth certificate is the "Birth Certificate Number" the Date, City, County, State and the time of birth, all other information is fictitious.... Thanks Cathy S.

Both birth certificates will reference the county where the birth occurred, the county where the adoption occurred is irrelevant.