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Once you have part of a name, you have 20+- year old information and, now, your quest is to find the person. Thanks to advances in technology, large people databases have become available. I have endeavored to assemble and cross-reference a number of these.

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My Specialty is Texas

We go to The Texas State Library, genealogy section in Austin in birth books room. The Texas State Library is on the next to the State Capitol Building on the east side. All are welcome. We are usually around from 3 to 5 Tues-Sat

A theory is emerging that the only thing missing from the online form of the Texas birth index is the birth mom's name (Inf-Of certificates), and that these are in birth books at the State Archives and the older microfilm in the libraries.

To download our current collection of Inf-Of's. 

How to Find Toolbox

These manuals and resources were complied with the help of professional searchers and though the specifics may not apply to your State or Country. The ideas, techniques and methods are universal.

A History of sealed records & confidentiality
Cracking Non-Id information

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