Newsflash - Just found my daughter Beth's birth family. Here is article by Shane Samuels of the Chetek Alert.

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Virginia Gray Sr., Lucille Brixey, Wendy Wagner (1967-2014)


In 1987 I found my daughter Wendy  we placed for adoption back in the 1960's. She found two extra grandmothers with a bookstore and forty kids. When Wendy was eighteen, she with the help of her parents searched for me. Two years later I searched and found her. If this had existed....


mother.jpg (21078 bytes)
Wendy's painting of granny (1919-1999)


I dedicate this free site to my mother and my daughter Wendy - with love
and affection.


A story: Splash was alone. He lived in a tiny puddle of water in the desert. One day, he evaporated into a cloud with thousands of other drops. Then he rained into the ocean with millions of drops. He was not alone anymore.

Register and make your splash. In addition to your information becoming part of the largest user maintained database, it is distributed to a world-wide public forum including:

P. A. Zimmer echoes registrations to search listservers including triadSearchingOnly, ccTriadSearch, 101-search-only, adoptSearching, adoptionSearchPosts, adoptionSearching,,

The information is echoed to Alana's Birthmoms Support List.

Michigan registrations are echoed to Julie's Michigan support group for checking against their 5,000+ database.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia registrations are echoed to Bits & Pieces - a Mutual Consent Reunion Registry.

North Carolina registrations are sent to Lynn at the North Carolina Adoption Connections Registry.

North Carolina and Virginia registrations are sent to Rhonda's registry.

Canadian registrations are sent to the Links Post-Legal Adoption Support Group Inc. in Canada.

The information goes to Jenni at Searches Unlimited to be check against their 2000+ database.

Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia registrations are also echoed to Earle Barne's Reunion Registry 5000+ database.

Virgina registrations also go to the Virginia Adoption Registry.

Pennsylvania registrations are echoed to the Pittsburgh Adoption Connection and Glenda will send you a registration form for the PA Adoption Reunion Registry and a list of support groups in the state so that you can contact a group near where the adoption took place.

Pennsylvania and Chautauqua County, N.Y. registrations are also echoed Gordon who is on the Board of Directors for Erie County and Jamestown support groups.

Pennsylvania registrations are echoed to Sue's Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education site.

Pennsylvania registrations are also echoed to the PA Adoption Reunion Registry.

The information is echoed to Jan's group, Sunland Search.

Wisconsin registrations go to Diane's I.C.A.R.E Wisconsin Reunion Registry.

Louisiana registrations go to Frances's Louisiana registry.

Texas registrations are echoed to Frank and Wilma's Yellow Rose Reunions.

Massachusetts registrations are echoed to Sue's Massachusetts Registry.

Ohio registrations go to John's Ohio Adoptee Searches.

Oregon registrations go to Donna's Oregon Adoption Search Internet Registry.

The information is incorporated into the Crane and Hibbs Investigations free on-line database.

The information is sent to Buddy's New World Registry for adoptees and birth parents.

Greek registrations are echoed to Sakis in Greece who helps people find.

Virginia Long has a database which contains more than 2 million people and though she does searches all over the U.S., her specialty is in Missouri.

Registrations are also sent to numerous YahooGroups, including, theRegistry, The_Adoption_Database, TXadoptionSearching, Searching4YourFamily, Adoption-Reunion-Registry, searchAngels, NY2NJ_searches, californiaSearchers, bmoms_in_search,  and onAngelsWings.

After you register, post your information to our newsgroup alt.adoption.searching where it becomes a part of a public birth index (you will have to do this). These public postings are picked-up by search engines. Someday in the far future you will be able to search a 10 or 100 years worth of these postings. This frees the information from dependency upon any one group or registry - I believe this to be important.


Your Registration Can Be Confidential

All identifying information is confidential subject to the agreement of affected parties. The information will not be released without written permission, except, in the event where there is a likely match and we are unable to establish contact with the other party then the identifying information will be released to the other party.

Each entry in the registry has an identification number, ID: WWR10012345. This is like a private email address. Inquiries made to your private email address will be forwarded to your real email address.

* Michigan confidential registrations are echoed to Julie's support group for checking against their database. Julie is a Confidential Intermediary .

Contacting Confidential Registrations

To contact confidential entries. Search up the registration and click on the ID number.



Too Many Secrets - Sealed Records

Change the Law: Submit the Right to Know resolution at political gatherings. Email your elected representative. This is a Civil Rights issue. 3% of the population is adopted, another 12% are the biological and adoptive parents, and the other 85% percent, more-or-less, believe in Civil Rights.

Defeat the Law: If you tell, it's not a secret anymore. Add your information to public forums and make sealed records irrelevant.

You Can Help

Link to us on your web page. If you would like the information echoed to your group or organization, contact me. Feel free to copy any of these pages and modify them for your own Web Site.


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